How do you remove a Seresto collar

Removing a Seresto collar is quite simple and easy to do. First, you should remove the plastic breakaway buckle by pressing the release at its seam. After doing so, simply slide off the collar with one hand while holding the remaining part of the broken part with your other hand. Second, take both hands and spread out the two sides of the collar where they meet in order to separate them. This can be done by pinching together each end of the collar and spreading them apart until it comes apart. Lastly, carefully loosen any excess material from around your pet’s neck or fur before removing the entire collar from their body. Doing this should ensure that there are no uncomfortable or potentially dangerous material left on their skin or fur for your pet.

Learn where to grab

Before you try to remove the Seresto collar, it’s important that you learn where to grab it. The best way to do this is by starting at the back of the neck and working your way up until you get a good grip of the collar. Once you have a firm grasp, gently pull upwards on the clasp and break away any plastic pieces connecting the collar. If you find that your pet’s fur is getting caught in the clasp during this step, then simply smooth out their fur with your fingers.

Once the collar has been removed, dispose of it carefully in order to protect other animals and people from coming into contact with parts of it. Be sure not to throw away any parts of the Seresto collar in an area where other animals might come into contact with them or eat them accidentally. And as always, be sure to wear protective gloves when handling chemicals and other forms of hazardous material like part’s of a Seresto collar.

Test the clasp

One of the most important steps to removing a Seresto collar is testing the clasp. You’ll want to ensure that you’re taking all the necessary safety precautions when handling the collar. Before attempting to remove it, make sure that the clasp is properly secured and not worn or damaged.

To seresto for dogs test the clasp, try pulling slightly on either side of it. If it feels secure and doesn’t give any slack then it’s likely safe to proceed with removing the collar. If it feels loose or gives more than a slight amount of play, then take extra precautionary measures and do not attempt removal until it has been properly secured by a professional. Taking these steps beforehand can help minimize any risk associated with unclasping your pet’s Seresto collar for removal.

Pinch the release button

Once you have your tool of choice, the next step is to pinch the release button on the back of the collar. This will cause a reaction in the collar and will allow it to slightly loosen around your pet’s neck. Lay your finger against this section if you feel your pet’s skin or fur and pull outwards lightly, using even pressure.

It may take a few tries for the Seresto collar to come completely off, so don’t be too frustrated if it seems stuck at first. Ultimately, patience is key when removing an Seresto collar from your pet. You need to take extra care not to accidentally pop open or unlock the clasp!

Fold the collar in half

One of the most important steps in removing a Seresto collar is to fold the collar in half. Doing this helps make sure you don’t accidentally trigger the plastic release buckle and end up having to fish the remains out from behind a piece of furniture.

Folding the collar in half also makes it easier to access the plastic last loop and the metal retainer clip. These two pieces must be separated for proper removal. To do this, press on both ends of the folded collar so that each half folds away from each other, revealing both loops and clips.

Once you have a good grip on both loops and all four clips, pinch them together one by one to separate them until they have disengaged


Taking the proper steps to remove your pet’s Seresto collar will ensure that its flea protection remains intact and that you or anyone else you encounters does not come into contact with an active chemical compound.

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